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octoma — Christian Thomas

Music is the architecture of time.

Christian Thomas

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of Studio Octoma. For many years, I tailored my style alongside artists, stage directors and distinguished creators. Music is alive, timeless, itself transforming at the discretion of the projects.

My Music

Sometimes fictitious, sometimes current, it also can be supportive. That is to say that it supports the unfolding of the drama as well in the plays as in the films. In that instance, it can be rhythmical, dynamic or ever-evolving. What interests me above all, is the impact caused by music as a universal language.

Contact Me
Whether for concert music, television, movie, theater, publicity, new media or special events, I invite you to contact me for all your musical needs in composition, arrangement or orchestration.

Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger and Pianist

Since my early childhood, I have been fascinated by music. Without a doubt because it brings me closer to nature, to my own true nature. Although its fabric is a well structured and organized matter, it firstly remains sensorial. I am convinced that its presence and its daily practice is essential for our lives.


I have been a composer, an orchestrator, and arranger and a pianist for more than thirty years. I lived in Europe (France, Suisse, Belgique et Monaco) at many instances to further my studies and practice my profession. I completed my musical training at the Conservatoire de musique de Québec as well as at the Consevatoire de musique de Strasbourg.


The emotional quality is for me the most important stake! With the passing of time, I realized that my versatility is the crucial actor strengthening my musical signature, either classical or contemporary. I always address my projects with a fresh ear for I believe in boldness. In my approach, I am truly committed and I constantly seek new stylistic proposals.


Artistic and Musical Creations | Musical Productions

One can find my music on stage (theater), at the movies, on television, in new media and at special events. I put at the forefront strong melodies supported by modern harmonies and contemporary textures. I never hesitate to merge genres in order to create new musical surroundings.

Theater, Stage Music

More than 200 original designs of music for the stage:
plays, musicals, galas, special events, etc.

Cinema, Documentary Features, Short films

Frame by frame musical working for movies produced by NFB/ONF (National Film Board/Office National du Film), ECP, Radio-Canada, Trinôme, MiLimiLifilms, etc.

Symphonic, Concert Music

Creation of orchestral scores, concert music, classical, contemporary, sacred, orchestral arrangements (Beatles, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, etc. )

Alternative, Pop, Instrumental Songs

Modern music, alternative, electroacoustic approach, electro beat, Aambient and supporting music

Television, Publicity, Corporate Signatures

Musical creations for television, publicity and prestigious events


Via the use of social media, I will keep you informed about my ongoing musical endeavors.
Be sure to stay tuned.

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To create, to break new ground, this is what I love!
Listening to the present in order to dream up the future. Here are some of the landscapes of projects to become:
Theater, Stage Music
2018, February 25 — March 18
Segal Centre

Join Marjorie Prime Composer Christian Thomas in the recording studio and find out how he created the original music for the upcoming Segal Centre production.

Theater, Stage Music
On tour in the province of Quebec | DUCEPPE

The new theatrical success from the author Michel Tremblay, directed by Michel Poirier and the music by Christian Thomas.

Theater, Stage Music
2018, June 7th  to  August 18
Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne

At Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne, starring Benoît Brière, Martin Drainville and Luc Guérin. Directed by Alain Zouvi, and the music by Christian Thomas.

Heartfelt thanks to my musician friends and business partners for their support and loyalty…

Get in Touch

You have any question or comment? Contact me and it will answer you with pleasure!

3420 Rue Hochelaga, Montreal, QC H1W 1H3